If you are looking for a safe and reliable Afghanistan tour with the best possible Afghanistan tour guide, then you have come to the right place. Journey to Smile Travel Agency takes pride in a history of professional and safe tours to Afghanistan over the years. Our guide in Kabul will show you the best this beautiful country has to offer, while keeping an ear to the ground for local developments.

Cultural Delights

The view of Afghanistan in the west is, sadly, largely one-dimensional. But those in the know understand just how much there is waiting to be explored in this beautiful place. The country is awash with UNESCO heritage, vibrant local life, welcoming people and delicious cuisine. Begin your travels in Kabul and continue to tranquil Bamian, where ancient buddhas once stood. Fly on to Herat in the West, Bandar-e-Amir and Mazar-e-Sharif to get a real sense of the country and its cultural delights.

Our guides are constantly aware of the security situation on the ground. Plans can change depending on their expert recommendations. We also recommend flying between destinations as this is the safest method of traveling the country.

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