To open the curtain and shed light on some of the world’s most stigmatized places. Places that are often described as dangerous and inaccessible, we will go beyond the rhetoric and show you the true side to these countries. We do so by promoting a sustainable way of traveling. We have a climate positive workforce & only work with small local partners in each country. We are aiming to offset all carbon emissions to make our tours climate positive.


Safe travel guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions

IS Afghanistan SAFE?

Since the fall of Kabul in August 2021, the fighting has stopped and Afghanistan is now the safest and most secure it has been in many years. Our local guides and fixers have over 10 years experience in Afghan security consultation. We only visit areas and stay in hotels that are approved by them.

How do I get a visa for Afghanistan?

You will need to visit your nearest Afghan embassy to apply. We will supply you with a visa invitation letter to allow you to get the visa without any issues.

What currency should i bring?

USD and Euro are both accepted in currency exchanges. Make sure to bring cash.

What kind of hotels are used?

We use standard hotels with multiple layers of security. Everyone gets their own single room with en-suite bathroom.

What’s the best way to get there?

For flights into Kabul – Islamabad, Istanbul and Dubai are the main gateways.

what should i wear?

For ladies, you need to keep hair covered and dress conservatively (cover shoulders and ankles) – a full length abaya is recommended. For men it is advised to wear the local Afghan outfit in order to blend in more with your surroundings. One of our first stops will be to a tailor to try on…